MEPCO Online Bill 2024

Check MEPCO Online Bill 2024 by Reference Number

Still waiting for your MEPCO electricity bill for this month? You can check MEPCO online bill at For Mepco online Bill enter your 14-digit reference number to download the duplicate MEPCO bill.

Check by Reference Number

Being a MEPCO customer, sometimes it’s hard to get your electricity MEPCO online bill on time. Everyone would love to receive a WAPDA bill at their doorstep.

If you haven’t received your bill for this month, you can track, free download, and print duplicate MEPCO Online Bill. To check the bill information simply enter 14 digits “Reference Number” or 10 digits “Consumer Id”.

You can inquire and print not only a new bill but also keep a track record of the previous month’s bill information. You can check old and month-wise history. If you’re not able to find where the reference number is located on your bill, check the highlighted area of the image below.

MEPCO Online Bill

How to Check and Download MEPCO Bill Online

All you need to print your WAPDA electricity bill is 14 digits Reference Number or 10 digits Consumer Number printed on your bill.

How can I check my Mepco electricity bill online? Following these steps, you can print duplicate copies of your MEPCO online bill

  1. Visit website
  2. Select 14 digits Reference No. or 10 digits Consumer Id 
  3. Type valid Reference No. or Consumer Id carefully without space
  4. Click on the “Check Bill” button
  5. By entering a valid Reference No. or Consumer Id, your current month’s bill will be viewed on screen. 
  6. To print a PDF copy of your bill, click on the print button or type the “Ctrl + P” keys on your computer
  7. If your computer is connected to a printer, a duplicate copy of your MEPCO bill online will be printed

Consumers of FESCO, PESCO, IESCO, GEPCO and HESCO can also generate duplicate online bills.

MEPCO Duplicate Bill Introduction

What is a Mepco Bill? MEPCO (Multan Electric Power Company) Pakistan is one of the largest electricity distribution companies and currently supplying electricity to 13 South Punjab Districts.

It was developed on 14th May 1998 and so far, has served around 35 million people for 24 years. Its primary source of electricity is Hydro-Electric-Power. M

EPCO is licensed by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) and works under Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). 

Circles Covered by MEPCO Bill Multan

The primary cause of MEPCO is to distribute electricity to Multan and surrounding districts. MEPCO is responsible for maintenance, distribution of electricity, complaints management and provision of new connections. The following circles are covered under the MEPCO. 

  1. Multan 
  2. Vehari 
  3. Rajanpur 
  4. Khanewal 
  5. Bahawalpur 
  6. Rahim Yar Khan 
  7. Dera Ghazi Khan 
  8. Bahawalnagar 
  9. Muzaffargarh 
  10. Pakpattan 
  11. Lodhran 
  12. Sahiwal 
  13. Layyah 

Being a resident of these 13 districts, you can print your duplicate MEPCO online bill (Bijli Bill) at 

Wapda Bill MEPCO Online Bill Information 

Your duplicate MEPCO bill online provides consumer information as well. Whereas, in the payment section, you can check the monthly payment history of your bill. You can check the units consumed for each month.

The payment section keeps records of the last 12 months wise records. In addition, you can track new bill credentials involving meter reading date, units consumed for this month, issue date of the bill, and due date to pay the bill.

Your MEPCO bill online contains MEPCO charges and Govt. charges. You can view bill calculations as per the tariff unit rate. You have the liberty to calculate the estimated cost of your bill here. 

MEPCO Peak Hours 

Due to the ongoing increase in electricity consumption, MEPCO recommends consuming less electricity during peak hours. Peak hours announced by MEPCO are rush hours requiring provision of extra electricity as compared to rest hours.

Low usage of electricity not only helps MEPCO to keep in circle distribution but also saves consumption during peak hours. These peak hours’ timings vary on monthly basis. 

Reduced usage during peak hours facilitates consumers to keep bills under check. The unit rate for peak hours is expensive as compared to rest hours.

MEPCO recommends usage to a minimum extent for maintaining electricity distribution throughout the region and provide cheaper unit rates to consumers. 

The schedule for Mepco peak hours 2024 is as follows. 

Months  Peak Timings  Off Peak Timings  
December to February  5 PM to 9 PM  Rest 20 Hours  
March to May  6 PM to 10 PM  Rest 20 Hours  
June to August  7 PM to 11 PM  Rest 20 Hours  
September to November  6 PM to 10 PM  Rest 20 Hours  

Management Information System – MEPCO MIS 

The core responsibility of MEPCO is to provide consumers with a user-friendly environment along with electricity distribution. The online management information system in MEPCO deals with consumers’ data. MEPCO authorizes members to use MEPCO MIS login credentials. Read more about MEPCO MIS.  

MEPCO Duplicate Bill SMS Registration 

You can also avail check mepco online bill facility via SMS. You will receive an SMS for every month’s bill. Visit SMS registration here. 

MEPCO Duplicate Bill Email Registration 

MEPCO offers an Email registration facility to its consumers. Register your Email against your bill Reference No. An Email will be sent to the consumer’s registered email address. Visit Email Registration here. 

MEPCO Guidelines to Save Electricity 

MEPCO aims to facilitate its consumers and emphasis following guidelines to reduce power consumption. The following guidelines are being directed by MEPCO to save electricity. 

  • Use energy-saving bulbs instead of common bulbs 
  • Reduce electricity usage in peak hours 
  • Always turn on AC at 26 Celsius temperatures 
  • Switch on the necessary electric lights and fans only 
  • Unplug charger plug after mobile phone charging 

Wapda Bill MEPCO New Connection 

It’s quite simple for MEPCO consumers to apply for new connections. All you need to do is apply online for a new connection, fill out the information required to submit an application, and attach all the required documents, put the application to the relevant MEPCO office. You can also apply the same procedure to transfer existing connections.

MEPCO aims to provide ease of use as the top priority for its consumers. Approval of a new connection or transfer connection takes time and it depends on the nature of the connection. Consumers can apply both for home and industrial connections as per their needs. Usually, the new connection falls into 3 categories. You can read the complete guide on how to apply for MEPCO new connection

Payable MEPCO Bill Taxes 

MEPCO is a public sector company providing services to consumers and imposing taxes. The total amount paid for the bill includes different taxes imposed by MEPCO and Govt. When consumers pay bills, they pay taxes. These payable taxes fall into two categories, MEPCO charges and Govt. charges. 

Some taxes are fixed and others vary depending on a range of factors. The following are some taxes imposed and paid by consumers. 

TR Surcharge 

Tariff Rationalization Surcharge now commonly known to be as Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (IDTR SUR) is the tariff difference between Govt. and NEPRA. If the difference ratio is positive, Govt. Pay as a “Subsidy” to MEPCO consumers. If the difference is negative, MEPCO pays TR Surcharge Tax to Govt. collected from consumers. 


GST stands for General Sales Tax. This is imposed based on overall general sales. Govt. also charge tax for GST on FPA (Fuel Price Adjustment). GST applies to all the elements used to generate electricity. 


FPA, commonly known as Fuel Price Adjustment, varies according to the price of crude oil prices. Electricity generating companies impose this tax when there’s fuel price fluctuation. Crude oil fuel price oscillation causes FPA fluctuation. 

Quarterly Tariff Adjustment 

This is a quarterly tariff adjustment tax. MEPCO charges this tax after every three months. 

Deferred Amount 

This amount is due and carries no overdue payment. Consumers can pay it in the present bill or later. Consumers have the choice to pay this amount all at once or in installments. 

Regional Office MEPCO Address 

MEPCO Regional Office is situated in Multan and the address is Office No. 39, First Floor, Orient Mall, Khanewal Road, Multan. 

MEPCO Duplicate Bill Complaint Helpline 

The Regional Complaint Number is 061-9220169 and Federal Complaint Number is 051-9204430. You can register an online complaint at MEPCO complaints

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can check your bill by entering the reference number printed on your Wapda electricity bill.

You can only generate your duplicate bill by reference number. You can’t find it by name or CNIC / NIC. You can contact the nearest office if you are not sure about the reference number.

No, you can’t track your MEPCO online bill by meter number.

Yes, online billing for MEPCO bill is accepted. You can use mobile banking if the bank allows it. In case you’re not a bank account holder, you can download and install other mobile apps like Easypaisa and Jazzcash for online bill payments. 

You can visit the nearest MEPCO office to confirm about the new connection installation. If it’s not possible, you can also track online. Just visit the official website and click on a new connection. Then check for new connection tracking. If you’ve deposited a demand notice and MEPCO has approved the place of new connection installation, your new connection will be installed within 28 – 30 working days. 

You can register your mobile number and email using your reference number. When you’ll register, you’ll get an SMS and Email regarding your new bill each month. 

For bill correction, you can call at 118 or regional complaint number. If you’re not satisfied with the complaint resolve, you can file an online complaint. You’ll also track the status of your online complaint. 

MEPCO Online Bill
MEPCO Online Bill

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