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Have you missed your PESCO bill for this month and are looking for a duplicate PESCO online bill? This website provides you free download, bill view and print out of your bill.  Type your 14 digits reference number or 10 digits consumer id and check your WAPDA electricity duplicate PESCO online bill on this free website.

If you’re a consumer of Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO), you can track your PESCO bill information, check your bill history for previous months, view and download the duplicate copy of current month’s bill and take out print to pay it. This website meets the mark of excellence by providing a pretty much convenient experience to consumers so that you can inquire all the information related to your new bill and get your bill paid on time. If you’re from Multan or surroundings, you can track and generate MEPCO Bill.

You’ll get a duplicate copy of your latest bill information by simply providing 14 digits reference number or 10 digits consumer id. Consumer or reference number on the PESCO online bill calls out your bill details including due payment paid for this month, paid history of previous month’s bills and number of units consumed for each month . To maintain a better understanding of the reference number, you can view highlighted areas pointing out where to find it on your bill. 


How to download PESCO Online Bill

It’s quite hectic if you’ve not received your PESCO bill. This website provides ease of mind by providing duplicate PESCO online bill. You can free download and save the pdf of your bill. If your computer is connected to a printer, you can also print it. Step by step guideline to print your PESCO online bill using this website is given as:-

  • Select 14 digits Reference No. or 10 digits Consumer Id 
  • Type valid Reference No. or Consumer Id carefully without space 
  • Click on the “Check Bill” button 
  • By entering a valid Reference No. or Consumer Id, your current month’s bill will be viewed on screen. 
  • To print a PDF copy of your bill, click on the print button or type the “Ctrl + P” keys on your computer 
  • If your computer is connected to a printer, a duplicate copy of your PESCO bill online will be printed 

PESCO Bill Reference Number

In order to sort out consumers data in a well disciplined and manageable format, PESCO allocates a unique reference number against each new connection registered. In addition to helping consumers to track bill information, reference number help to keep records well managed. Each reference number consists of 14 digits and it can be divided into sub digits pointing out identification based information related to consumers. Let’s explore what kind of information a reference number consists of:-

Reference Number: 02 97564 1357911

02 in reference number is consumer’s batch. Consumers are registered under different batch numbers. It consists of only two digits and helps PESCO to distinguish consumers based on batches.

97564 represents the sub division for which a consumer’s new connection was registered and approved. Pesco for better management of users data, sort them out in different sub divisions under a division. Most probably a sub division represents the location where your connection is installed. 

1357911 refers to the consumer’s identity. These are permanently assigned to consumers and stored for pesco records. The last seven digits are the individual record pointing out the consumer’s connection record. 

So a reference number as a whole is the sum of Batch No. + Sub-division + Consumer’s Identity No.

PESCO Bill Consumer ID

PESCO sorts out consumers’ records in an online management information system and for tracking records, when a new connection is installed, an ID is created for that particular consumer. Consumers on the basis of a unique ID can track their bill information, register complaints and pay bill. PESCO facilitates consumers by providing a serial number called consumers ID. This consumer ID is unique and holds 10 digits. A consumer ID is also printed on the bill and users can print duplicate bill using it. 

Introduction to PESCO

A legal entity based transformation currently known as Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) for businesses purpose and formerly known as The Peshawar District Electricity Council, is extending it’s electricity distribution services over the years and keen to serve more than 2.6 millions consumers located at Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). The KPK power distribution system of Pesco Cycle is loaded by 132, 66 and 133 KV substation lines with 11 KV and 440 V low voltage substation lines serving both at commercial and industrial level. 

PESCO Aims and Objectives

PESCO, one of the largest electricity distribution companies, is working in a most versatile position to meet the consumers needs and interest incredibly.  PESCO is keenly providing a cost efficient option for electricity supplying services, keeping in front the satisfaction level at first for potential consumers.

The most tricky part of PESCO is, It not only extends it’s services over the years by installing new connections, registering new clients but is also well aware of how to manage and run the existing consumers and their related interests. PESCO tends to bow down for consumers’ point of view, keeping an eye on issues related to them and resolving them at priority positions. For any kind of issues, you can visit PESCO Complaints.

PESCO Circles

PESCO extends it’s services for a total of eight (08) circles and strengthens it’s electricity distribution services. The areas covered by PESCO are listed as:-

Banu CircleBanu Circle – 1HAZARA CIRCLE-2KHYBER Circle
PESCO Covered Areas

Consumers of these circles can track and print duplicate pesco bill online. They can track their current month’s bill and old bill history using a reference number.

PESCO Peak Hours

Pesco directs consumers to follow guidelines regarding peak hours. During peak hours, consumers are advised to avoid unnecessary usage in order to keep electricity distribution balanced throughout the circles. The electricity cost per unit is also high during peak hours as compared to rest hours. Pesco recommends less usage in peak hours as compared to off peak hours to lessen bill amount and power load. 

Dec to Feb5 PM to 9 PMRest 20 Hours
March to May6 PM to 10 PM–do–
June to Aug7 PM to 11 PM–do–
Sep to Nov6 PM to 10 PM–do–
PESCO Peak Hours

PESCO Online Bill Checking Requirements

You can track your bill information and view details by providing a reference number or consumer ID. You can’t get bill info by name or meter number. In order to get bill by serial number or by CNIC/ NIC, consumers can visit the nearest PESCO office or call the helpline.  Using this website to inquire about your duplicate PESCO online bill, you need to provide your reference number.

If you didn’t remember about the reference number or consumer ID, you can check it on your bill as guided above. If you don’t have access to your bill, the only solution to get bill information is visiting the nearest service center or contacting the service center. If you remember the reference number, download PESCO Bill and print it. 

PESCO Online Bill Information

You can download your bill using this website. You can quickly look at meter reading date, units consumed for current month, due date for bill payment, after due date charges to be paid and payment history of last 12 months. If you’ve not paid your bill for last month, the due amount will be added to the current month’s bill with the overdue payment. You can also print a hard copy of the bill in order to deposit by visiting nearby commercial banks. 

PESCO Bill Payment

Pesco accepts bill payment both online and offline. Consumers for their ease can pay bill online without visiting physically using a hard copy of the bill. Samelike, Consumers can make payments using digital apps provided by banks. Consumers can choose one of the payment modes as per their choice. All the commercial banks accept bill payment. Consumers can pay the bill by printing a hard copy of the bill.

  • All Commercial Banks
  • Pakistan Post Offices
  • Utility Shops providing Bill Payment Services

Consumers can also make bill payment online using digital applications and sitting at home. All the bank holder consumers can pay bill using the bank mobile app. Consumers can download and install mobile apps from the play store. Consumers can create an account and pay bill online. The online modes of bill payment are listed:-

  • HBL Mobile App
  • Easypaisa Mobile App
  • Jazzcash Mobile App
  • NADRA Collection Points

PESCO has developed its digital services and provides customers with opportunities of online payment. It not only saves time but also users get rid of standing outside the lines in hectic position waiting for bill payment. You can pay online bill for the current month’s bill. Check how to may Online Bill Payments.

PESCO New Connection

PESCO accepts new connection applications and installs new connections based on consumers’ needs. PESCO tends to extend it’s distribution capacity all over the KPK region and potentially handle new connections applications. New Connection applications can be applied online based on users’ needs, either commercial or industrial. Consumers can also fill an application and select the connection category as depends on the load requirements. Apply for New Connection. 

PESCO Complaints

Consumers can file an online complaint application. PESCO provides an online customer complaint management system (CCMS) where consumers can register complaints regarding bill correction, line complaints and non-line complaints. Consumers can also track complaint status and action taken against registered complaints. Register complaints in case you’ve any query. 

PESCO Online Bill
PESCO Online Bill

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