KE Duplicate Bill 2024 K-Electric Duplicate Bill

If you are looking for your K-Electric duplicate bill for July 2023, you  can download ke duplicate bill online. Enter 13-digit Account Number or 8 digit customer id and Put the captcha provided  and click on view bill.

K-Electric Duplicate Bill Online Check (KE Duplicate Bill)

How can I check my ke duplicate bill online? (k-electric online bill check karne ka tarika)

Step 1: Visit the Following Website

Click Easybill.pk to get the K-electric Bill.

Step 2: Enter Your Account Information

Once you’re in the Bill Payment section, you’ll need to enter your account information. This typically includes your 13-digit account number, which can be found on your previous KE duplicate bill.

Step 3: Verify Captcha

You have to enter the captcha to view your bill.

Step 4: Click on View Your Current Bill

After successful verification, you should be able to view your current K-Electric bill. It will display details such as the billing period, total amount due, due date, and any outstanding balance. The bill we displayed below

Step 4: Print or Save the Bill (Optional)

If you need a physical copy of the bill or want to save it for future reference, you can choose to print it or save it as a PDF on your device.

Step 5: Check Payment Options (Optional)

If you’re ready to pay the bill online, the website may provide various payment options, such as credit/debit card, online banking, or mobile wallets. Select your preferred method and follow the instructions to make the payment.

Step 6: Logout and Close the Browser

After viewing or paying your bill, ensure you log out of your account (if you were logged in) for security reasons. Close the web browser to end the session.

KE Tarrif Guide (Duplicate bill KE Unit Price):

You can check commercial, indusrial and household unit rates defined below. The KE tarrifs are defined by NEPRA.

KE Tarrif
K Electric Tarrif

K-Electric Stay Connected SMS Services through 8119:

K-Electric values its customers and aims to provide instant services. To keep you updated about K-Electric developments in your area, they have introduced the 8119 SMS Service. After registering for this service, you can receive timely updates on various aspects, such as:

i- Load shedding schedule inquiries

ii- Reporting technical faults

iii- Billing inquiries

iv- Planned and emergency outage notifications

KE 8119 SMS Service for Different Inquiries:

KE Duplicate Bill Complaints through SMS:

Registered users can type COMP and send a message to 8119.

Non-registered users can type COMP (space) followed by their 13-digit Account Number (e.g., COMP 0100087654321) and send the message to 8119.

Check Registered Accounts through SMS:

Simply type ACCT and send a message to 8119.

Check Load Shedding Schedule through SMS:

Registered users can type LS and send the message to 8119.

Non-registered users can type LS (space) followed by their 13-digit Account Number (e.g., LS 0100087654321) and send the message to 8119.

Get Your K-Electric Duplicate Bill through SMS:

Registered users can type BILL and send a message to 8119.

Non-registered users can type BILL (space) followed by their 13-digit Account Number (e.g., BILL 0100087654321) and send the message to 8119.

How to Un-Register from the 8119 SMS Service?

If you wish to un-register from the SMS service, type UNREG (space) followed by your 13-digit Account Number (e.g., UNREG 0100087654321) and send the message to 8119.

Connect with K-Electric through WhatsApp (0348-0000118):

For added convenience, K-Electric has introduced a WhatsApp service (0348-0000118) to keep you connected 24/7. You can use this service to:

1- Receive your duplicate bill

2- Lodge technical and billing complaints

3- Check the power status

4- Download your Income Tax Certificate

5- Learn how to apply for a new connection

Tax on Non filers having more than 25000/- Electricity Bill:

It’s essential to stay informed about changes in electricity billing. From July 2021, the Pakistani government has imposed a 7.5% tax on electricity bills above Rs.25000/- for non-tax filers. If you want to avoid this tax, ensure that your name is on the active taxpayer list of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). You can visit KE duplicate bill website to check the process.

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Understanding KE Duplicate Bill:

Understanding KE Duplicate Bill

Q1: Why is there a QR code on my bill?

The QR code provides useful information, like energy conservation tips and tariff details. Simply scan it using a QR code reader app.

 What is the “Amount Payable” on my bill?

The “Amount Payable” is the due amount to be paid within the specified dates. For more info, contact us at 118 or [email protected].

 How can I save money by paying on time?

Paying your bill on time helps you avoid the Late Payment Surcharge (LPS) – a penalty for late payments.

Why does the Amount Payable increase after the Due Date?

If you miss the Due Date, a Late Payment Surcharge equivalent to 10% of the billed amount (excluding taxes) is added.

 What information does the Message Board contain?

The Message Board provides important updates specific to your electricity connection. Check it in every bill to stay informed.

 Where can I find my Account Details on the bill?

Account Details, including your Consumer Name, Address, Tariff, and Account Number, are mentioned at the top of the bill.

Where can I get more information about my Tariff?

You can get information about KE Tarrif from above images I have provided.

What does “Star Consumer” signify?

A “Star Consumer” is highly valued by KE. They enjoy privileges like priority issue resolution for consistently paying bills on time.

Why does the bill show average monthly temperatures?

Average temperatures help you correlate energy consumption with weather. It aids in managing your energy usage better.

Will knowing my historical energy consumption help me?

Yes, knowing your historical energy consumption helps anticipate and manage your usage better.

What is Billing & Payment History?

The section displays Billed Amounts and Date-wise payments made by you in the last 6 months.

How can I conveniently pay my bill?

Pay your bill through branch banking, post office, internet/mobile banking, Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, and other e-payment channels.

What is Billing Charge Mode (BCM)?

BCM indicates if you were billed based on actual meter reading or estimation.

What is the difference between Account Number, Consumer Number, and Contract Number?

The Account Number is most important for all interactions with KE, while the others are for internal use only.

What does MMF and MDI stand for?

MMF is Meter Multiplying Factor, and MDI is Maximum Demand Indicator, relevant for specific consumer types.

What information does the Billing Statement provide?

The Billing Statement shows outstanding dues, recent transactions, current month’s consumption amount, and total payment due.

Can I reduce energy consumption with KE’s Energy Conservation tips?

Yes, visit K-Electric official Website for guidelines and use Energy Consumption Calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – K-Electric Bill and Support:

How to check ke bill is paid or not?

You can use  easypaisa app from mobile and go to bill payment option. Click on enter a new bill to pay and select Electricity. No select K-electric and enter 13 Digit Account number and click on next.  It will show you the KE Bill Payment status.

What is the WhatsApp number for K Electric duplicate bill?

For added convenience, K-Electric has introduced a WhatsApp service (0348-0000118) to keep you connected 24/7.

How can I check my old Ke bill history?

When you check the new bill it shows tha past 6 months history of your bill.

How to Register with 8119 SMS Service?

Registering for the SMS service is simple. Just type REG (space) followed by your 13-digit Account Number (e.g., REG 0100087654321) and send it to 8119. Upon registration, you will receive a welcome note confirming your enrollment with the K-Electric mobile service.

Note: This not the official website of K-Electric. If you don’t find the required information kindly visit the K-Electric official website.

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