MEPCO MIS – Management Information System

Being the largest electricity distributor, MEPCO MIS is functional from the Divisional level to the Tehsil level. Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) is operating and functional in 13 districts of South Punjab. MEPCO holds the tradition of providing consumers friendly and flexible environment. Around 35 Million consumers are registered and their records are maintained and protected by MEPCO in order to keep their data updated. You can also download your latest MEPCO Online bill if you haven’t received it yet.

MEPCO MIS - Online Management Information System

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With state-of-the-art technological facilities MEPCO MIS – Online Management Information System keeps track records of all the data related to consumers. MIS is an organized and structured management system, operated by MEPCO administration at the division and the sub-division levels. 

Authorized Managers have preserved login credentials including username and password. MIS contains various kinds of information related to consumer’s records including New Connections Requests, Court Cases, Cash Debit and Credit, Defaulter Recoveries, Online Customer Bill Correction and Transfer Connections requests. If you’re looking to apply for a new connection, you can apply for a new connection here.

MEPCO MIS Featured Responsibility

Management Information System (MIS) is administered, managed and operated by MEPCO managers. The core features of MIS are:-

Court Cases Record

MIS keeps a record of court cases related to miscellaneous MEPCO inquiries. All the previous and current court case records are maintained by MIS management. The decisions related to those cases, their judgments, and inquiries are listed and filed for record purposes. 

New Connection Requests

MEPCO is broadening its electricity distribution services, thus extending new connection requests. MIS keeps a record of all the new connection requests put forward, the number of new connections installed, the number of pending new connections, and issues related to installing new connections. Complaints regarding new connections are stored and resolved by managers. 

Cash Record

Cash record of in and out is maintained by managers and administrative bodies on both division and subdivision levels. Cash credited and debited history is protected by MIS. Complaints related to payment issues of consumers are also entertained by the managers.

Defaulters Recovery Status

Recoveries in MEPCO are due payments by consumers. MIS checks and balances all the recovery records of consumers. Recoveries received or not from the defaulters are checked and maintained by the MIS management. 

Online Complaints Status

Consumers can register complaints related to bill emendation, new connections, recoveries, and transfer of connections. MIS is responsible for checking and resolving consumer complaints on time. Complete records of all the received, resolved and pending complaints are maintained in the administrative bodies of MEPCO MIS.

MEPCO, being operational and managed as an electricity provider; has organized a well-reputed online information system to entertain the best of services, build consumer trust, earn credibility and resolve complaints swiftly. You can also Register complaints related to MEPCO MIS services here. 

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