About Us

CEO, easybill.pk found electricity consumers following a daunting process each month when they didn’t receive bills at the doorstep. Payment of bills in due time was turning more and more complex when bills were not delivered by electricity distribution companies to consumers. 

Keeping in mind – how consumers are facing such uphill situations each month for electricity bills, an initiative was taken to provide an easy platform for generating duplicate online bills and named as “easybill.pk” – with aims and ambitions to facilitate consumers. 

Easybill.pk is providing millions of free downloads each month for its consumers just in single click. On time payments of electricity bills are much easier now by tracking bills at easybill.pk. 

The CEO of easybill.pk hopes to advance this brand with support and credibility of millions of users, their trustworthiness on us and their satisfaction for our product. 

CEO, The Easybill.pk