MEPCO tends to provide ease of paying bills to consumers. If you’ve received your MEPCO bill, you can make the MEPCO bill payment using different ways. If you’ve not received your electricity bill, you can download a duplicate MEPCO bill online.


On-time payment of electricity bills facilitates consumers. MEPCO bill payment can cause embarrassment if you’re standing in long queues waiting outside the commercial banks or Pakistan post office. 

MEPCO is now equipped with the latest digital technology and facilitates consumers to avoid standing outside in queues for bill payments. It’s building the trust and credibility of consumers by providing them digital platforms. MEPCO aims to facilitate consumers with the flexibility and quick payment options. Consumers can now not only pay bill using their credit card but there are multiple online payment gateways as well, providing bill payment options.

Keeping abreast with advancements in technology and to keep the bill payment simple and convenient, now banks also provide online bill payment facilities using mobile applications. Almost all commercial banks in Pakistan are providing facilities for consumers to deposit their bills online. 

There are two main payment options for MEPCO electricity bill payment:-

  1. Physical Payment Sources
  2. Online Payment Sources

Physical MEPCO Bill Payment Sources

Mostly the consumers utilize physical mepco bill payment methods to pay bills by visiting. Consumers can pay their bills by visiting the Pakistan post office or any commercial bank. Depositing bill in post office or commercial banks is a prolonged and tiresome procedure. Standing in queues and waiting to deposit bills consumes enough time.

Consumers can pay bills using physical payment gateways in the following ways.

  • Pakistan Post Office
  • All Commercial Banks
  • Utility Bill Payment Shops

Online MEPCO Bill Payment Sources

MEPCO bill online payment method is a rapidly developing and prevailing way to deposit bills. Consumers can pay bills using digital platforms. Online Payment of electricity bills not only saves time but also provides convenient payment access. You can also use online payment method options to check if your bill is paid or not. MEPCO also provides SMS registration for its consumers. If you want to register your mobile number to get your electricity bill via SMS, you can check SMS Registration.

Online Payment methods are listed below. 

HBL Mobile App for Mepco bill payment

You can pay your electricity bill using the HBL mobile app if you’ve got an account in HBL. The procedure to pay bill using HBL mobile app is:

  • Login to your HBL mobile app
  • Click on bill payment
  • Select category “Electricity Bill Payment”
  • Select “MEPCO”
  • Enter “14 Digits Reference No.” and click Next
  • Your bill info will be viewed, i.e. Consumer Name, Billing Month, Due Date, Payable by Due Date, Payable after Due Date, Bill Status
  • If the bill status is “Not Paid” or “Unpaid”, click Next.
  • Write your Transaction Password and Click Pay
  • Your bill will be paid

Easypaisa Mobile App for mepco bill payment

Easypaisa mobile app is another online payment method to provide consumers with an effortless bill payment facility sitting at home. You can download and install the easypaisa app from your mobile Google play store. The procedure to pay bills using Easypaisa app is as follows:

  • Sign in to your Easypaisa account using Easypaisa mobile app
  • Click on “Bill Payment”
  • Select bill type “Electricity”
  • Select Company “MEPCO”
  •  Enter “14 Digits Reference No.” or scan your reference no. and click Next
  • Your bill info will be viewed, i.e. Consumer Name, Reference No., Bill Status, Bill Amount to be paid
  • Click on “Pay Now”
  • Your Bill will be paid

Jazz Cash Mobile App

Jazz Cash mobile app provides mepco bill payment online. You can download and install the jazz cash mobile app from the play store. Sign up for account creation and follow the steps to pay bill:

  • Sign in to your Jazz Cash account
  •  Select “Pay Bill”
  • Select “Electricity”
  • Click “MEPCO”
  • Insert your “14 Digits Reference No.” and click Next
  • Your bill information will be viewed
  • Enter your pin and click “Pay Bill”
  • Your bill will be paid

Important Points to Remember Before Online Bill Payment

Modern technology is extending to its maximum extent providing popular services to optimize time.  Before paying your bill online, make sure to remember the following points.

  • Make sure the mobile app is working properly
  • There’s no scheduled maintenance of the server
  • You’re using a valid mobile app
  • You’re using a stable internet connection 
  • You’re using valid reference no
  • You’ve a valid account for any mobile app

You can check your MEPCO bill online before making a payment to confirm your payable amount. 

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